thereallisabain is : a full time sales rep at an independently owned Title Insurance company; a caregiver and passionate advocate to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease; Idaho State Director for the Parkinson’s Action Network; a lucky NASA geek who got to participate in NASATweetUp for Endeavour’s last launch; a garden goddess; wife and mom. Opinions here are my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for your column. My husband is thankfully not in the advanced stages at this point, but I agree with you. The truth needs to be heard.

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  2. I was my Father’s caregiver during the last year of his life with Parkinson’s, so I know, firsthand, exactly what you are talking about. His timeline from symptoms to diagnosis to death was less than three years. He died in 2003. I have had Parkinson’s symptoms for at least 20 years, that means FIVE years before my Dad had his first twitch. Unlike him though, I didn’t get diagnosed until 2007, when I looked very much like Muhammad Ali does now (very rigid). Thanks to medicines and then DBS, I am still doing well. I have no illusions of a cure in my lifetime, but hope to live as best I can with this disease and maybe I’ll get lucky enough to just die peacefully in my sleep before I get like he was at the end.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by Sophia’s Children! Wonderful that you share your story with others – no doubt an inspiration. I’ve been caregiver and presence to several family members (father when he was in hospice stage, and a sibling), so understand, and appreciate, the need for inspiration from those who’ve been there. Blessings (and happy new year).


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